Avant Wood Processing Attachments

Avant's wood attachments work great for splitting, grabbing, chipping, and shearing. Shown is the Log Cutter/Splitter, Wood Chipper CH100, and the Timber Grab.


Screw Pile Adapter View
Timber Trailer with Loader Crane View
Log Cutter/Splitter View
Log Splitter View
Log Grab View
Wood Chipper CH100 View
Firewood Machine View
Log Grab, Heavy Duty View
Timber Grab View
Tree Shear View
Attachment Control Switch Pack View
Adapter Plate View
Multi Connector System View
Tilt Adapter View

avant log cutter splitter 1 300x200

chipper 300x199

Avant timber grabs puutavarakoura kaantajalla 1 300x199