Avant Property Maintenance Attachments

These Avant attachments are designed for your everyday property maintenance. Shown is the Dozer Blade 2000/2500, the Towable Sand/Salt Spreader, and the High Pressure Washer.


Dozer Blade 1400 View
Dozer Blade 2000/2500  View 
Snow Plow  View 
Flipper Bucket View 
Snow Blower 1100  View 
Rotary Broom  View 
Collecting Broom  View 
Bucket Broom  View 
Sand/Salt Spreader View 
Broom with Collector Box 1050  View 
Centrifugal Sand/Salt Spreader  View 
Towable Sand/Salt Spreader  View 
Vacuum Brush  View 
Leguan 50 Access Platform  View 
Tipping Trailer  View 
Screw Pile Adapter  View 
Pressure Washer View 
High Pressure Washer  View 
Trailer/Timber Trailer  View 
Artificial Turf Maintenance Brush  View 
Front Rake  View 
Wood Chipper Ch150 Heavy Duty  View 
Attachment Control Switch Pack  View 
Adapter Plate  View 
Multi Connector System View 
Tilt Adapter  View 

dozer2500 300x199

avant towable sand salt spreader 200 1 300x200 2 300x200

HighPressureWasher4 300x225