Avant Farming and Stabling Attachments

Farming and Stabling attachments include items for haying equipment, horse owners, bee owners, and feeding livestock. Shown are the Round Bale Splitter, a Manure Fork, and a Beehive Mover.


Screw Pile Adapter View
Silage Fork View
XL Silage Grab View
Feeding Table Cleaning Blade View
Silage Dispenser View
Round Bale Grab View
Bale Fork View
Bale Handler View
Silage Dozer Blade View
Round Bale Splitter View
Feed Mover Screw View
Grain/Flour Dispenser Bucket View
Bedding Distributor Bucket View
Manure Fork View
Silage Block Cutter View
Carousel Broom View
Big Bag Transporter View
Square Bale Grab View
Push Broom View
3 Point Hitch Adapter View
Horse Manure Collector View
Front Cultivator View
Horse Arena Harrow View
Stone Collecting Bucket View
Beehive Mover View
Attachment Control Switch Pack View
Adapter Plate View
Multi Connector System View
Tilt Adapter View


Round bale splitter paalileikkuri 2 300x199

avant manure fork 1 300x225

avant mehilaispesanostin 1 300x260